About FindTheCube

FindTheCube.com is a free capture-the-flag (CTF) platform designed for newcomers to security CTFs.

The scope of the challenges is anything hosted at findthecube.com. Generally, you will not need to port scan or blindly perform directory brute forcing. A challenge will provide a hint or clue when those situations are necessary.

This server has been rewritten into a serverless app with Cloudflare Pages + Functions! Give it a whirl. If anything seems broken, send a message to [email protected].

Your challenge progress is stored in your browser's local storage. No state or other metadata is stored on the server. Cloudflare Analytics is used for privacy-preserving analytics to help me understand traffic against the site. This lets me create appropriate challenges. It does not use tracking cookies. If you find cookies, maybe they would be useful for some challenge...

Good luck!